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Salafi Leader, Sheikh Hany Ben Brik Hints to Parties Behind Assassination of Imams of Adan

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Salafi leader and vice president of the southern transitional council, Sheikh Hany Ben Brik, hinted to the involvement of Muslim Brotherhood in assassinating mosque Imams in Adan. He related the Reform Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, and assassinations through examples of what happened before in Egypt – the birth place of the brotherhood – indicating that such acts are deeply rooted in the literature of the brotherhood. Ben Brik said: “Assassination of religious, political and public figures in our Arabic societies are considered as dirty works that appeared in a systemic manner in Egypt with the assassination of prime minister Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Nokrashy when he banned the Muslim Brotherhood in December 8th, 1948. The assassin was a member of the special department of the brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood usually assassinate leaderships of its own or other persons who dealt with the brotherhood in cases of conflict or disagreement (Egypt is a clear example of that). It is easy to frame enemies of the brotherhood as committing such assassinations. But the crisis happens when such acts happened for leadership, as what happened in Afghanistan”. Ben Brik condemned all kinds of assassination, including the assassination of Muslim Brotherhood figures or those who are related to them, saying that the divine judgement on such acts is to kill the assassin asserting that such acts can never excused, neither by the authority nor any one else.

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