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Security Belt Commander of Al-Musaimeer Axis: Keeping Security is Our Mission Before God and the People

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Mohamed Ali Al-Houshabi, commander of security belt in Al-Musdaimeer axis, indicated that the troops are ready to support all efforts of keeping security in the directorate and enforce law according to the expectations of all citizens in a way that may please God and superior commandership. This came along civilian disobedience and massive protests in Al-Musaimeer, Lahj, against poor economic conditions. Al-Houshabi confirmed that the security belt troops fully support citizens’ rights and their issues in addition to working with them on restoring these rights.
Al-Houshabi said: “We are going on establishing safety and security all over our country with the will and determination of our troops and guidance and support of Arab Coalition commandership”. He demanded all citizens of Al-Musaimeer to support the security belt troops in their tasks to establish security and stability of the directorate in addition equal enforcement of law. He also indicated that the troops will never abandon serving citizens and will always support their security no matter the costs are.
Sl-Houshabi also said: “Our goal is to foster the security of the directorate and deter outlaws in addition to enforcing law and order according to the goals of the supreme commandership of security belt troops”.
Al-Houshabi thanked colonel Galal Al-Rubaey, commander of Lahj security belt troops, for major efforts in supporting the troops mission and coordination with all sectors of security belt in Lahj.

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