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Shabwa Police launches the training year with a military parade for security units

The General Administration of Security and Police in Shabwa Governorate launched the 2024 training year to enhance the efficiency of its members and their security expertise.

Brigadier General Fawad Mohammed Al-Nasi, Director General of the General Administration of Security and Police in the governorate, reviewed a number of security successes in the past period, expressing his appreciation for the interest of the local authority in Shabwa in raising the efficiency of security units.

Al-Nasi pointed out activating the role of moral guidance, to raise the capabilities and skills of members of the security institution, provide mechanisms and equipment, and build and rehabilitate security buildings with generous support from the United Arab Emirates.

The ceremony witnessed a symbolic military parade by the security units of the Special Security Forces, the Patrol Police, Road Security, and the Traffic and Public Security Police, to highlight the units’ combat skills.

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