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Shabwany Elites: Al-Ubar Line is Safe. Travelers: by your efforts we feel safe.

[su_label type=”info”]Shabwa – SAMA News [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] With 12 posts on Al-Ubar Line, starting from Etk Shabwa till Al-Ubar crossroads, Hadhramaut, Saudi Arabia and Mareb, Shabwany Elites is securing the international road and traffic on it. This line was previously attacked by robbers and gangs who terrorized, killed and robbed citizens, especially from outside Shabwa as the road was not safe and secure. Commander of Harrad Brigade of Shabwany Elites, Colonel Mohamed Farag indicated that the brigade is working of securing traffic through accurate procedures as all wanted persons and those who violate law are transferred to the general commandership of Shabwany Elites in Belhaf. He added that the line is 109 km with 7 posts at Karn Al-Dabiah, Al-Ukla crossing, Roaik crossing, Harrad, Khashm Rumid, Asaker and finally Karn El-Bena. He indicated that members of Shabwany elites understand their duties well as they are all well-educated and got one-year training before service. Shabwany Elites Forces arrested some Ethiopians, and Somalis who wanted to go to Mareab or Saudi Arabia. In addition, a stolen car was sized and all violations and robbery accidents declined quickly. He also indicated that these efforts are to clear up the image of Shabwa as some wicked people try to show it as a land or crime through targeting foreigners from outside Shabwa. Furthermore, he also indicated that full support and supervisions from the Arab Allied Forces, especially UAE, played a major role in these efforts as they supported the Shabwany Elites Forces through training, logistics and military aids. Commander of Aiath post, Amin Al-Kahely, indicated that Shabwa’s people rejoiced for the return of safety and security on the hands of Elites forces and the days of robbers and gangsters ended as those troopers are doing their best to secure the parameters they are responsible for. He also indicated that UAE played a major role in supporting the forces. On the other hand, Moral Direction Department of Shabwany Elites Forces launched a website to identify citizens’ opinions about the efforts of the forces and their expectations from it. In addition, the website is used for increasing citizens’ awareness about cooperation with the forces. This is a major step towards fostering trust among Shabwa’s citizens and Shgabwany Elites Forces and to break the ice covering the relationship between citizens and law and order forces. Citizens indicated that the elites Forces played a major role recently in securing roads and facilities, especially oil facilities in Belhaf and Al-Ukla. They expressed their satisfaction about the forces’ performance and asked them to exert more effort to restore security and safety.

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