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Shaia Responds to the Legitimacy Letter to UN Security Council Against Adan Security Department

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] General Shallal Ali Shaia, chief of Adan security Department, responded to the message delivered by the legitimacy to UN Security Council by saying:
The message included lies and false accusations to commandership and personnel of Adan security department. These cheap means are extensions to the enmity against the south from powers that use terrorism to fight the security and stability in Adan and the whole south.
It is shame that those who highjacked the decision-making of the legitimacy to talk in an envious way about those who are fighting the battel of honor to eliminate terrorism from the liberated territories after three years of war against Al-Houthis. It is shame to call heroes as traitors. It is also shame that the legitimacy demands to put prisons administration under its full control while it is the duty of security department to supervise and control this administration. At the same time, the same legitimacy hinders the work of courts, penalty divisions and DA offices although it is under its full control.
We are very sorry about the road taken by president Hady’s legitimacy as it seems to lose its right path and turns its fateful battel against the coup into a battel against those who share the same destiny with it. These false reports only aim to demolish the security institute and dismantle its organization so that disorder can prevail, and terrorism and crime can flourish again in Adan.
Despite all these cheap means, we are fully determined to secure Adan along with its honorable citizens. We will never give up our duty and those who are against security and stability of Adan will fail. It is either victory or martyrdom.
Finally, to our people in the south we say: trust your security forces and be confident that security department is the rock upon which terrorism will crash. We gain our strength from you and your support. Therefore, we will never fail you. Those who left their war against Al-Houthis will never defeat your security department as long as you are supporting us.

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