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Soldiers of #Lahj governorate close the road of Tor Al-Baha to Aden

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Soldiers of the 17 infantry brigade, that is led by Major General Turki al-Subaihi, governor of Lahj governorate, cut the road linking Tor Al-Baha district to the capital Aden.

According to sources, the soldiers closed the road line linking Tor Al-Baha to the capital Aden, in front of the gate of AL-Khattabiyya camp of the 17th Infantry Brigade, which is under the command of the Governor of Lahj province, Major General Turki, in protest against for stopping their salaries by Turki, the brigade commander.

It was seen that convoys of trucks and cars parked along the road line and not being allowed to cross because of that protest of the soldiers.

With the permission of one of the soldiers who cut the line that they are sorry for their work, but we were forced to do so because of our salary cuts by the brigade commander Turki, and as everyone knows that our salaries have not been received for five months, we have debts and we are coming on Eid, and we got surprised us with deductions in our salaries.

He appealed to the soldiers to lead the fourth region and everyone who has a live conscience to review the commander Turki for the deduction that he makes against the livelihood and food of our children.

The road line is still closed off front of travelers, and the soldiers insist they continue in protesting until their salaries are released and paid to them.


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