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Some Wounded Members of Southern Resistance: We were denied our basic rights

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A number of wounded members of the southern resistance who were hit during fights with Al-Houthi militia said that they were denied their simplest basic rights. “the legitimate government and the Arab Ally denied us our simplest rights as our monthly payments were not accredited and we did not receive any compensations from King Salman’s gift for martyrs and wounded” said Ahmed Nasser Al-Damany, Samy Nasser Al-Sayed, Hameed Abdullah and Gamal Naseeb. They also added that they presented full medical records confirming their injuries during the war to the office of martyrs and wounded and were very astonished from excuses they got as the office notified them that their names were not listed while other names of people who have never been wounded were listed and their compensations were delivered. They required official to fulfill their patriotic duty towards enlisting the names of those who really sustained wounded during fight so that they can get their rights assuring that this file should be monitored carefully and those who manipulate the wounded and martyrs’ rights should be punished.

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