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Southern Armed Forces Control Al-Fakher and Other Strategic Areas in a Blitz Operation

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News –Al-Dhala’a – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] [su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap] ith the early hours of Tuesday October 8th, 2019, a wide military operation launched by joint southern military units in north and west of Al-Dhala’a liberated tens of posts, villages and strategic areas with full control over them in addition to capturing, killing and injuring tens of Iran-packed Al-Houthi militants and seizing or destroying their weapons.

            The operation started from the north then to the west till reaching strategic areas near the center of Eb as follows: Tabbat Malek – Tabbat Al-Zarari – Tabbat Al-Tawila – Al-Qarmid Al-Thalath hills – upper Al-Zubairiat – lower Al-Zubairiat – Hubail Al-Ghasha – Dubian – Lekam Thura – Hubail Al-Asad – Lakmat Al-Soud – Hubail Muhtem – Humman – Salim – Al-Zamaar – Souq Al-Fakher – Al-Fakher – Lakmat Othman – Al-Fakher police station – Sheab Al-Maa – Markhaza – Hubail Al-Dubba – Al-Kharaza – Al-Derma – Al-Arm School – Al-Zahera – Wadi Ghadeer – Hubail Al-Kalb – Al-Gubgub – Al-Raibi – Ouaish – Baja.

            At the same time, another military operation took place in Al-Azarek with a massive attack by joint southern units against Al-Houthis. The operation liberated lakmat Warzan – Al-Karn post – Lakmat Al-Yahoudi – Al-Asas post – the airport checkpoint. These are all border posts administratively belonging to Al-Hasha.

            Captain Majed Al-Shuaibi, official spokesman of joint southern armed forces in Al-Dhala’a said: “Southern Armed Forces continue advance towards Eb to liberate it. Today, our forces step into the depth of Eb to secure Al-Dhala’a in full and to liberate other territories of occupied Eb from Iran-packed Al-Houthi militias”.

            All liberated posts and areas are now under control of southern armed forces that advance steadily to achieve its goals.

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