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Southern Community in Russia Organizes Celebratory Event on Labour Day

The Southern Community in the Russian Federation organized, on Monday, a celebratory event in the capital, Moscow, to share celebrations with the friendly Russian people on the occasion of International Labour Day, May 1st.

The representative of the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs (GDFA) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to the Russian Federation, Dr. Mohammed Al-Afifi, the head of the community, Dr. Mohammad Thabet, the deputy head of the community, Mr. Adel Al-Naqib, and a group of members of the Southern Community positively and actively participated in this celebratory event.

Members of the Southern Community, including residents, students, and academicians, delivered a range of speeches in addition to distributing brochures to expose the Russian people, media agencies, and decision-making centers to the cause of the South and its developments and the goal of the people of the South for liberation and independence.

Various Russian press and media outlets covered this event, and TV interviews were held with representatives of the community, who gave a satisfied explanation of the historical relations that have existed between the two friendly peoples and the prospects to revive and develop these relations for the benefit of the two friendly peoples.

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