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Southern Feminist Front in Germany Officially Established

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Women of the Arab South in Germany officially declared the establishment of the Southern Feminist Front in Germany to serve the southern cause and introduce it to EU. The front works for providing southern women inside the Arab South with humanitarian aids in addition to supporting women’s rights. SMA News received the statement of the Southern Feminist Front in Germany as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious

Dear Southern Sisters:

The administration of the Southern Feminist Front in Germany declares that the front is now officially registered in front of German authorities.

The most important goals of this Front are that the front is an organizational entity that works for serving the southern cause in Europe and reaches for all other bodies in this work. In addition, the Front supports southern women and their empowerment to fulfill their leading roles. The front works on preserving southern women’s rights and protecting them from all sorts of marginalization in addition to providing them with humanitarian aids received by the Front from Europe and inside the south. Upcoming days will witness the launch of our work with your support so that the Front may reflect a good image about southern women.

The front expresses deep thanks and appreciation of the efforts of Entisar Saif, Ebtisam Saleh and Mushira Al-Arasi who participated in forming the Front’s constitution. In addition, the Front thanks everyone who supported us, even with one word, and we can never forget our southern brothers who supported and encouraged the idea from the very beginning.

Chairwoman of the Southern Feminist Front in Germany

Fatema Al-Baiti


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