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Southern forces break down attack by Houthi militia west of Al-Dhali

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The joint southern forces managed to break a Houthi attack, west of Al- Dhali governorate.

According to Lt. Col. Jayab Al-Sayyadi, spokesman for the 30th Armored Brigade, units of the 7th Brigade led by Aziz Al-Hadaf and another from the army led by the commander of the Al-Dhali axis Brigadier General Hadi Al-Awlaki managed on Friday to break the Houthi attack on Battar region and restore two military sites in the vicinity of Al-Job after the Houthi militia infiltrated into it after fierce confrontations.

The clashes resulted the death and injury of 11 Houthi militia militants, and a number of martyrs of the Southern Resistance.

Al-Sayyadi stressed that this attack came within a series of Houthi infiltrations, and that the forces and command of the joint southern forces led by Brigadier Al-Awlaki closely monitor the Houthis’ movements and are responding to their miserable attempts.

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