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Southern forces dismantle an explosive device in Al-Mahfid district

The heroes of the First Support Brigade, on Wednesday, managed to dismantle an explosive device planted by terrorist elements in Al-Mahfid district, east of Abyan governorate.
An operational source reported that members of the 1st Support Brigade managed to defuse an explosive device that was planted on a side road through which military vehicles pass, but the personnel managed to dismantle it before it was detonated.

The commander of the 1st Brigade, Brigadier General Nasr Al-Mashushi, praised the vigilance and security sense of the brigade’s personnel, calling on the people of Al-Mahfid to cooperate with the military forces and report any actions targeting security and stability.
Brigadier General Al-Mashushi also warned the terrorist elements against using populated areas to carry out their criminal operations.
The Southern Armed Forces in the districts of Mudiya and Al-Mahfid are engaged in a fierce battle with the terrorist elements, which led to their expulsion from their hideouts, and only sleeper cells are left of those elements that are active in planting explosive devices on the roads, and they are being dealt with.

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