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Southern Transitional Council of Al-Dalea Holds a Forum about Southern Tolerance and Reconciliation

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Dalea – Exclusive – Abd Al-Salam Kassem[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] The southern transitional council of Al-Dalea held a forum about tolerance and reconciliation and its positive effect on the southern revolution, on Thursday in its headquarters. Fadl Hady directed the forum and brigadier Abdullah Mahdy Said, chairman of the council in Al-Dalea asserted the importance of tolerance and reconciliation as an Arabic value for accepting the other. Brigadier Said asserted that the south lived in contradictions even before 1967 till 1990. But conflict rose from such contradictions were quickly ended. Dr. Saleh Abdu introduced a paper titled by “Social concept of southern tolerance and reconciliation” where he asserted that tolerance and reconciliation protects the south from irrelevant conflicts and increases the southern unity and this was clear in the struggle against Al-Houthi / Efash occupation. Dr. Saleh warned about following the agenda of the enemy media that seeks to increase sectarian and internal conflicts. Ahmed Mahmoud, chairman of media department of the council in Al-Dalea, introduced a paper titled by “Southern tolerance and reconciliation and its cultural effect on the society”. He indicated that tolerance and reconciliation aimed first to face malpractices of 1990 union that almost tore internal consistency of the southern society. He also indicated that the south knew tolerance and reconciliation among religions and peoples long ago and youth are the most enthusiast sector of the society for the concept of tolerance and reconciliation. Ahmed Harmal, a political writer and analyst, indicated that Al-Dalea was the first in personifying the concept of tolerance and reconciliation through meetings of July 2000 with southern figures from Adan, Lahj, Shabwa, Abian and Hadhramaut, that paved the way for the launch of the southern peaceful movement in 2007. He also asserted that tolerance and reconciliation is the main pillar for southern unity. The forum witnessed rich discussions among participants.

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