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Southern Transitional Council of Bihan Al-Alia – Shabwa, Denounces and Resents the Assault of Yemeni Reform Militias on its Launch Event and Promises to Retaliate Strongly

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive Statement[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In a serious act, terrorist Muslim Brotherhood militias of General Al-Ahmar who control directorates of Bihan and other parts of Shabwa attacked and broke into the launch ceremony of local leadership of Southern Transitional Council of Bihan Al-Alia, in a blatant assault on all attendants as they arrested a number of the council’s leaders and confiscated southern flags. These acts clearly show the continuous persistence on applying military oppression policies to enforce the return of occupation powers.
This oppressive act reveals the ugly face and vicious intentions of Reform Party Militias that controlled the three directorates of Bihan under cover of the Yemeni legitimacy according to presidential decrees to isolate Bihan from Shabwa and adjoin it to Yemeni Mareb just to stay in control over its fortunes. But Bihan, land and Humans, will always be part of Shabwa and the south.
Local Leadership of Southern Transitional Council of Shabwa denounces and resents this shameful act and warns some Bihan citizens, who are being used as cheap tools to initiate oppressive and humiliation policies against citizens of Bihan that the action will have negative consequences. We send our greetings to free men of Bihan who are standing against domination and terrorism. This is not strange for men who sacrificed their lives for freedom and dignity. We call for all Bihan citizens to show solidarity against military troops of the occupation in Bihan and the whole governorate.
Glory to Martyrs, Quick Healing for Injured, Freedom for Captives and Dignity to Shabwa and Southern People
Local leadership of the southern transitional council of Shabwa
August 14th, 2018

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