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Speech of Aidarous Al-Zubaidy, President of the Southern Transitional Council, at the General Meeting of Commanders of the Southern Resistance

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Peace be Upon Prophet Mohamed, The Last Messenger of God, and His Followers and Family
Members of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council; Commanders of Military and Security Forces and Commanders of Heroic Southern Resistance: Peace be Upon You.
It is a great honor to meet you today. As I said before to representatives of the people at the first meeting of the southern national assembly, I repeat my words to you: it is a great honor to share responsibility together in a manner that respect the sacrifices of our martyrs and the heroic struggle of our southern people and in fulfillment to our right in independence and restoring our free independent state of the south with Adan as its capital.
Our great people and courageous heroes
According to our historical responsibility towards our patriotic cause, the sacrifices of our people for restoring the sovereignty of his national soil and the Arab Ally, under commandership of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE, that aims to defeat the Iranian project and victor the causes of our Arab nation and protect its national security, as southern citizens, we were active partners in all that. Previous stages proved that the south supported the Arab Ally and was never a burden over it. The southern people were supporters and never escaped any stage of the conflict. Our record as political or military powers was clear of any negative events during the war or politics. We were the best ally to the Storm of Determination since its first day.
On the other hand, we were looking for real partnership with the “Legitimacy” based on mutual respect of political partnership that recognize our existence and our cause. A partnership that respects the will of the southern people and his sacrifices and never underestimates its. But decisions of the legitimacy were seized by pragmatic political powers that violated all that and made the south, and the southern transitional council in specific, as a target for its attack and launched a fierce war against us by all legal and illegal means. This is replication of what happened during the past decades that witnessed a similar fierce war against the land and people of the south.
The “Yemeni Legitimacy Government” dedicated all its resources and powers to fight the national project of the south as if its main mission is to destroy the south and to break down the will of its people and the spirit of its heroes. Such acts violated the objectives of the Arab Ally and supported the Iranian – Qatari – Turkish project. The legitimacy ignored the duties of any government in the world under normal conditions, not mentioning the crises in which we live.
This systematic aggressive act that made the south the main enemy of the corrupt and failure government, instead of Al-Houthi project with its massive funding, led us to an unprecedent deterioration of the economic, security and social conditions of the south. The society is suffering from unprecedent levels of poverty, famine and epidemics because of horrific deterioration of civil services. This is a complete crime. This situation can never serve the strategic goals of the Storm of Determination, especially with the increased anger of the southern people.
The “Yemeni Legitimacy Government” didn’t stop at that end. Instead, it is now launching a media war against the choice of the southern people, represented in the southern transitional council, its role and its leaders. The next step will question the role and objectives of the Arab Ally in the south, especially UAE, just to create doubt among the people to diverge their attention away from the deteriorating life conditions and the responsibility of that government towards such deterioration. The government is using all its resources according to a well-planned aggressive agenda.
According to all these facts, and as we exhausted all our means to create a real partnership away from political opinions, we can now see fire surrounding every southern citizen and silence will lead us to the death of our cause. Therefore, I’m calling you for creating a consensus upon the following:
• First: our full commitment with the Arab Ally to achieve the strategic goals of the Storm of Determination until putting a permanent end to any issue that may threat our Arabic National Security, according to our potentials.
• Second: taking a determined patriotic responsible situation against the absurd acts of the legitimacy government. This situation is to end the suffering of our people, protect his victories and respect his martyrs. I assure you that we will be at the first line to initiate the outcomes of this meeting.
• Third: complete rejection of holding the meetings of the Yemeni parliament in Adan or any other place in the south. We assert that this will never happen to maintain our political future and respect our cause and sacrifices.
• Fourth: our brave people fought for liberating the south and establishing his free state. Our people also believes in the political and military objectives of the Storm of Determination and will never step back of this commitment. According to our public delegation and the historic declaration of Adan, we assert that the existence of any northern troops on the southern soil contradicts with this objective and provokes negative feelings of our southern people. Therefore, we reject the existence of any northern troops in the south, but we understand the Arab Ally’s interests in establishing northern resistance forces to fight Al-Houthi militias.
• Fifth: we announce our full support of the northern resistance forces, supported by the Arab Ally, in its war against the Iranian – Houthi project. We will support them, by all means, to protect the soles of innocent civilians and to defend our Arab project. We will stand with them till achieving victory against the Iranian project.
• Sixth: we understand humanitarian reasons that may lead northern refugees to escape the hill of Al-Houthi militias and come to the south. We don’t mind receiving those innocent civilians and the southern transitional council calls for all international and regional organizations of refugees, in addition to UN, to help and support them and to help us find a clear and successful mechanism to host them through a database to facilitate providing them with humanitarian aids and at the same time to assure that military, intelligence or terrorist elements will not penetrate the south through mixing with refugees. This should be done through means that serve the military objectives of the Storm of Determination and protect our national security.
• Seventh: we appreciate the great confidence of our southern people and assure them that we will never abandon any of our clear objectives announced in the historic declaration of Adan that delegated us to form the commandership of the southern transitional council. We ask our people to be patient under these critical political conditions and to support and protect our national unity. Be sure that we are going on the road you asked us to take, no matter the sacrifices are.
• Eighth: our brave southern resistance had honorably defended the south and achieved victories for our cause. You defended the southern people and his free will when necessary. Today, we are going on towards our objectives according to solid bases that never shake under any conditions. These bases are the liberation and independence of the south.
Our brave heroes: we understand the importance and seriousness of this stage. We understand our responsibilities and we are going to bear them. we ask God to bless us with success.
Mercy to martyrs who will never be forgotten, quick heeling to our brave injured heroes and freedom to our captives.
May God bless you all.

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