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Spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council Comments of Mobilizing Al-Ahmar Troops and Asserts that the South can Deter any Aggression or Conspiracy against its Cause

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Salem Al-Awlaky, spokesman of the southern transitional council and member of the presidency institution, commented on recent mobilization of troops loyal to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar. Al-Awlaky indicated that mobilizing these troops towards Hadhramaut and Shabwa clearly showed that the operation of liberating Sanaa and overthrowing the coup is no longer the real objective of the forces carrying the flag of legitimacy there. Instead, its real objective is to overthrow Adan as a temporary capital in addition to other territories in the south and turning it into a miss. This is to force the south back to the so-called unity again.
Al-Awlaky indicated that since 2015, nothing remained the same as before. What was taken by force, was restored by force in a historic scene that the world will never forget. The will of the free south is the generator of our real national struggle and resistance till all old and new conquerors turn back off our lands. Southern land will be free with support of the Arab Ally under command of Saudi Arabia and UAE. This historic support will never be forgotten by the southern memory. He also asserted that the southern people understands this critical moment of its history and understands that there are still dark forces loyal to Saleh and Al-Houthi that threatens its security and stability only for their own interests. But we should know that the south and its transitional council can deter any aggression or conspiracy that threatens its cause, victories and expectations of the southern movement and patriotic resistance.

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