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Spokesman of the Transitional Council reveals the shape of the next government

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The spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council, Nizar Haitham, said that negotiations are still ongoing between the Transitional Council and the Saudi side, which is sponsoring the Riyadh agreement, in order to reach a consensus that satisfies the aspirations of the southern people.

The Spokesman of the Transitional Council added to “Sputnik”, that it is not possible to talk about every part of the agreement, which is a complete package that will be announced upon the agreement of all parties, as negotiations are taking place on a new formation of government, diplomatic bodies and governors in order to achieve the goals of the partnership and meet the aspirations of the southerners during the next stage, there are consensus on certain names so far, but they should not be announced individually.

Haitham indicated that there are various agendas within the legitimacy that serve external goals that work against the Arab coalition, and those agendas that have stalled the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement during the past period and are trying to block it in the current period, but with the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its insistence on establishing security and peace in the region, which will make things come out at that point to serve the new partnership.

On the shape of the next government, Haitham said, negotiations are taking place to completely end the current government and select elements with experience and efficiency in all areas, and there is no specific date for announcing the new government as a result of the conflict within the legitimacy camp, yet Saudi Arabia is pressing for a speedy formation of the government to end the suffering of the Yemenis.

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