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Statement of the General Meeting of Commanders of Southern Resistance, called for by President Aidarous Al-Zubaidy

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In response to the invitation of General Aidarous Al-Zubaidy, supreme commander of the southern resistance, commanders of the southern resistance held their meeting in Coral Hotel – Kour Maxar – Adan, on Sunday January 22nd, 2018. The meeting issued a statement and brigadier Muneer Al-Yafeay, (Abu Yamama), commander of the first brigade backup and support, read the statement. The following is the text of the statement:
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious
According to our responsibility, imposed by the conditions of the current stage of our struggle in that critical moment of the history of our southern people with his sacrifices for independence, dignity and freedom of tyranny, in addition to our people’s suffering of deteriorating conditions of living that threats its existence, we held that meeting to rescue our people from that suffering, including the war against the Iranian militias and its project of domination. The southern resistance, with support of the Arab Ally, fought for the whole nation, wrote heroic legends and achieved victories against Al-Houthi militias and terrorist groups. Such victories are undeniable.
Our southern people thought that liberating his lands from Al-Houthi / Iranian militias will end his long suffering. But now he is suffering from another face of these militias that made his suffering unprecedent in all life conditions. Even the simplest needs of electricity, water, health care, education and employment deteriorated greatly. And now, fake crises in fuel became humiliating.
These critical moments and great suffering of the southern people after a long history of struggle and sacrifices, necessitate that each free southern citizen, either a leader or a common citizen, should support national unity and face courageously these deteriorating conditions, resulting from the ignorance, corruption and obstinacy of the legitimacy government that is unable to deal with urgent files (including martyrs, injured citizens, basic services, security and stability, employees’ salaries and retirees’ pensions, reconstruction and development). This government is enacting policies to torture our people and implant all types of conflicts just to destroy the social texture of the south.
This corrupt government seized the chance that the southern resistance was busy fighting Al-Houthi militias, side by side with the Arab Ally, in a war that is still running in the borders’ governorates and in depth of northern governorates. The government continued its wicked plan to starve our people and cause him suffering. This is leading our people near actual death.
Our southern people were very patient for long. The southern resistance warned from such situations and kept self-control and showed flexibility towards acts of the government. But this did no help as the government was very arrogant and didn’t learn the lesson of previous governments that accused the south of being loyal to Iran while facts proved their Iranian loyalty. They claimed that they were fighting terrorism while they were supporting it from inside their offices. The legitimacy government has suspicious relations with Iran and Qatar who are trying to use it against the Arab Ally through targeting the southern powers that defeated their militias and the Iranian aggressive project in the south.
The southern resistance asserts that the bloods of martyrs that are still being shed in all battel fields of the south and north will never be abolished or ignored, along with other southern sacrifices payed for liberation and restoring the southern state. In addition, it is our responsibility to support the Arab Ally’s objectives but nor for recycling or reproducing the corrupt powers.
The southern resistance assures the revolutionary act in this critical moment of our history to protect our historical rights and support our people’s stability, security and unity in addition to protecting his political choices and rightful expectations. Accordingly, the southern resistance asserts the following:
• First: the southern resistance asserts that its official name is “the southern resistance forces” as a core for restoring the military and security associations of the south.
• Second: the southern resistance forces declare martial law in Adan and the start of procedures to overthrow this corrupt government and replace it with a government of national efficacies, according to specific and rightful reasons, to save our southern people from catastrophes of this corrupt government.
• Third: the southern resistance forces refuse any military activity of northern armed forces on the southern soli or any northern officials, from inside or outside the legitimacy, and confirms its full support to all northern forces that fight Al-Houthi militias under commandership of the Arab Ally to liberate the north from these militias that threat the national security of the south and the whole Arab region.
• Fourth: the southern resistance forces assert full commitment with receiving civilian refugees of the north and provide them with protection and humanitarian aids according UN codes, with full right of security forces to routinely checkup for any security breach.
• Fifth: the southern resistance forces declare full mobilization of its forces all over the south in preparation for any emergency and to support borders’ fronts and secure vital facilities.
• Sixth: the southern resistance forces call for al revolutionary powers of the south and all components of our southern people (especially syndicates, students’ unions and elite academics and scientists) to quickly unite and support the the southern resistance forces to mobilize to Adan to save the south by their decisive word.
• Seventh: the southern resistance forces call our brothers, officers or soldiers, in all military and security units to be responsible towards our southern cause and stand for their people and not to follow any orders that may break up the southern unity or shed more blood of our people.
• Eighth: the southern resistance forces call president Hady to listen to the voice of reason and avoid the whole situation be dismissing Ben Doghr’s government and delivers it to the court of justice because of its criminal acts against the southern people. We give president Hady one week for doing so before we start taking our own measures.
• Ninth: the southern resistance forces assert full commitment with the historic declaration of Adan and full support of the southern transitional council. We assert that the council is the sole political representative of the southern people and its cause. We are fully committed to the escalation agenda of the council to overthrow the legitimacy government.
• Tenth: the southern resistance forces assert its full support to the Arab Ally and its objectives in fighting the Iranian – Houthi militias till victory.
• Finally: the southern resistance forces are concerned with the security and stability of Adan, capital of the south, and assert that we will do whatever it takes to protect our liberated soli and our brave people through supporting security and stability and protecting his achievements and victories, achieved with support of the Arab Ally.
Peace be Upon You

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