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Statement of the Southern Transitional Council Concerning Adan Explosions

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive `[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] The Southern Transitional Council issued the following statement concerning terrorist attack against the council’s headquarters and headquarters of the anti-terrorism forces in Adan:
In deliberate act of disrupting security and stability in the south, terrorist groups, supported with foreign powers, launched terrorist attacks to impose a reality that increases the complexity of the Yemeni political scene, to increase doubts about the achievements of the Arab Coalition and to facilitate Iranian agendas seeking to spread extremism in Yemen and the south. On Saturday February 24th, 2018, these terrorist groups launched two terrorist attacks using car bombs against the southern transitional council’s headquarters and headquarters of the anti-terrorism forces in Gold Moor – Adan, leading to several killings and injuries among soldiers of anti-terrorism and guards of the council in addition to civilians and innocent children.
Targeting the southern transitional council, antiterrorism forces and innocent civilians by terrorists aims to target their political project represented in the southern free will seeking security and stability. Terrorists and their old/new allies seek to spread evil in the south and plan for disrupting its security and stability. In their pursuit, they clearly identify themselves as tool used by certain Yemeni political powers and other foreign powers.
Targeting the anti-terrorism forces confirms their animosity with any progress achieved by the southern people, in cooperation with the Arab Coalition, in the anti-terrorism war and war against Iranian domination and those who seek to disrupt security and stability of the south, Yemen, the Arab peninsula, the Arabian Gulf and the African horn. Such acts will only increase our determination to go forth in our war till we eliminate all types and forms of terrorism and extremism.
Targeting these southern headquarters is not new. It is a continuous pursuit for their declared war. It is also a new predictor that requires coordinating more efforts for a more efficient confrontation in Adan and the whole south. In that context, we call for the states of the region, the Arab Coalition and the whole world to support anti-terrorism forces, Elites forces and Security Belt forces with training, qualification and equipment, to be more efficient in confronting these evil powers and to maintain security and stability of all liberated territories in the south.
We assert that the southern transitional council will remain ready for all challenges and conditions. The council will remain powerful with support of the southern people that resents terrorism and is still in coalition with the Arab Coalition states headed by Saudi Arabia and UAE.
God bless the soles of martyrs of freedom and provides the injured with quick healing.
Cowards shall never sleep securely
The Southern Transitional Council
Sunday February 25th, 2018.

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