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STC in Hadramout Valley calls for accountability for storming peaceful protest square in Seiyun

The Auxiliary Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Hadramout valley, on Sunday, discussed the repercussions of the security imbalances that accompanied the Southern Land Day event in Seiyun, following the storming of Brotherhood elements into the Palace Square.

The Auxiliary Executive Body decided to form an emergency, independent fact-finding committee and to give the committee formed by the governor of Hadramout a specific deadline to name it, submit its results, and hold those involved accountable.

The head of the executive body of the STC in Wadi Hadramout, Mohammed Abdul-Malik Al-Zubaidi, expressed his thanks to the masses of the people of the South and their keenness to participate in the various districts of the valley and the desert to make their voice heard and challenge the militants.

He said that criminal actions, shooting, attacking crowds, and acts of vandalism will not deter us from the cause of the people of the south, the liberation of our lands and the restoration of our state, adding that our masses reserve the right to respond appropriately to these actions.

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