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STC in Hadramout valley visits the released citizens from Brotherhood detention centers

A delegation from the Assistant Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), on Sunday, visited the released citizens from the prisons of the militias of the Muslim Brotherhood’s First Military Region in Hadramout valley.

The delegation congratulated the released citizens on their safe return to their families after years of forced detention in the prisons of the Brotherhood militia, stressing that the militia bears hostility to the people of the valley of Hadramout.

The delegation expressed its condemnation of the Brotherhood’s arbitrary and malicious arrest campaigns, condemning the violations and torture that the detainees were subjected to, calling on human rights organizations to play their role in investigating the crimes committed against prisoners in the prisons of the first military region, and revealing the fate of the rest of the detainees and the forcibly disappeared.

For their part, the released youth citizens confirmed that they were unjustly imprisoned in the detention centers of the militia of the First Military Region, and that all the charges against them are malicious in order to discredit and harm them for their participation in the popular movement to restore the state of the South, calling for the solidarity of the people of Hadramout valley, so that the scenario will not be repeated.

The released praised the warm welcome of the people of the Al-Qatn district upon their release, explaining that the popular position restored their confidence after years in detention.

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