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STC in Lahj: The time has come to uproot corruption and those who tamper with security, stability and rights of citizens in the South

The executive body of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Lahj governorate, on Tuesday, held its first periodic meeting for the month of July headed by lawyer Ramzi Al-Shuaibi, head of the executive body.
The meeting discussed the services war waged against the people of the South, in which Al-Shuaibi stressed that the war that the people of the South are exposed to in various fields and levels has increased in ferocity recently, following the successes achieved by the Transitional Council and the positions of its leadership in refusing to prejudice the wealth of the South, pointing out that the policy of starvation and the war of services pursued by the government against the people of the South should not be tolerated, and requires the brothers in the coalition to quickly intervene to stop it and save the people from the specter of starvation.
Lawyer Ramzi Al-Shuaibi called on everyone to feel responsible and stand together behind the supreme leadership of the Southern Transitional Council to face all the challenges that threaten the people of the South and their cause.
In its meeting, the executive body of the STC in Lahj stood before the escalating popular anger due to the deterioration of living and service conditions experienced by citizens in Lahj in particular and the South in general, and the frightening silence shown by the competent authorities regarding the suffering of citizens.
The meeting stressed that the government has exceeded its limits, and the time has come to root out corruption, corrupt people, and those who tamper with the security, stability, and rights of citizens in the South.

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