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STC Official Meets with Director General of Arab World Institute in France

Mr. Lutfi Shatara, Head of the Research and Decision Support Center (RDSC), assisting the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), met in Paris, the French capital, on Wednesday, with Mr. Shawqi Abdul Amir, Director General of the Institut du Monde Arabe (the Arab World Institute in Paris).

During the meeting, Mr. Shatara extended his congratulations to Mr. Abdul Amir on his appointment as the new Director General of the Arab World Institute in France. The meeting served as an opportunity to discuss the STC’s ongoing efforts to revitalize cultural institutions that promote cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, as well as strengthen cultural and literary relations between the two peoples.

Mr. Shatara reaffirmed the interest and commitment of the STC to promoting cultures with a global humanitarian dimension. In line with this objective, the STC has inaugurated the Arthur Rimbaud French Poet Center in the capital, Aden. This initiative aims to rekindle the literary and cultural exchange between Aden and Paris, reminiscent of their past ties.

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