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STC Secretariat Surveys Political Landscape in the South

The General Secretariat of the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held its periodic meeting on Wednesday in the capital, Aden, chaired by Mr. Fadhl Mohammed Al-Gaadi, member of the STC’s Presidium and Secretary-General of the General Secretariat.

The meeting, in the presence of Mr. Abdo Ali Al-Naqeeb, Assistant Secretary-General, discussed a report on the political scene on the southern national arena during the first half of January of this year 2023 submitted by the Political Department, which included a range of developments, like the ongoing attacks by the Houthi militias on the borders of the governorates of the South, in addition to the American and British strikes on Houthi militia positions against the background of threatening the security and safety of international maritime navigation in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The Secretariat also discussed a range of developments, most notably the change of government and its prime minister, as the Secretariat stressed the importance of appointing a new, highly qualified Prime Minister capable of addressing economic crises and improving the standard of living of citizens in the liberated governorates and governorates of the South.

The meeting shed light on the weekly activity report of departments of the Secretariat, which included the work that was carried out during the aforementioned period, as well as reviewing and approving the minutes of the previous meeting.

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