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STC’s Foreign Affairs Discusses Cooperation in Humanitarian and Human Rights Fields with ICRC

The Director of the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs (GDFA) of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Dr. Saleh Mohsen Al-Haj, received on Sunday, in the capital, Aden, Head of the ICRC mission, Mr. Jan Buchli, Deputy Coordinator of the ICRC Protection Department, Ms. Valeria Gemello, and Political Advisor, Mr. Baha’ Al-Sallami.

The meeting discussed a range of topics of common interest, which would develop cooperation between the STC and the ICRC in various humanitarian and human rights fields, such as conducting courses, workshops, and various awareness-raising activities in international humanitarian law.

In the meeting, which included the head of the Security Department in the STC, Brigadier General Ahmed Hassan, Deputy Head of the Human Rights Department in the General Secretariat of the Presidium of the STC, lawyer Zikra Maatouq, and Head of the International Organizations Department at GDFA, Dr. Najib Qayed, Dr. Al-Hajj commended the role assumed by the ICRC and the humanitarian initiatives and relief efforts it provides.

Dr. Al-Haj affirmed that the STC will definitely continue to provide all required facilities to the ICRC staff working in the governorates of the South so that they can properly and safely perform assigned tasks in humanitarian work.

For his part, Mr. Bukhali gave a briefing of the activities and work carried out by the mission and its future ambitions, lauding the efforts provided by the STC and the cooperative relations between the ICRC and the Council.

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