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STC’s Legal and Human Rights Commission Holds Periodic Meeting

The legal and human rights commission (LHRC), assisting the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), held its periodic meeting today, Thursday, chaired by Dr. Sa’ad Mohammad Sa’ad, head of the LHRC.

The meeting was dedicated to completing the discussion on conceptualizing the legal aspects of humanitarian work and reconstruction submitted by the members of the LHRC, and after a profound discussion of its various aspects, the main ideas were agreed upon and approved.

The meeting also discussed the task of explaining and crystallizing the legal texts included in the STC’s by-laws and regulations for other bodies in a manner that guarantees good comprehension, well-applying them, and removing any confusion or ambiguity.

During the meeting, the Commission assigned its members to be prepared to carry out this task through delivering lectures, holding workshops, and presenting legal opinions whenever the Commission is requested to do so.

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