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General Secretariat of STC’s Presidency Stands before Recent Events in Hadramout Governorate

The General Secretariat of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held its periodic meeting on Wednesday in the capital, Aden, chaired by Mr. Abdullah Saleh Moqbel, Acting Secretary-General.

The meeting focused on a range of developments and events that have recently been witnessed in the South, foremost of which are the developments in Hadramout governorate and the fact that a group of terrorist elements affiliated with the First Military Division carried out an armed attack on the peaceful mass rally of the people of Hadramout in the city of Seiyun, through which they demanded the ousting of the Yemeni forces from the Valley of Hadramout and the rejection of stripping the governorate of its Southernness.

The meeting discussed the economic landscape report during the month of June submitted by the Economic and Service Department, which included the most prominent economic developments in the governorates of the South, notably the electricity crisis and the government’s refusal to find solutions to regularly provide the exact amounts of feul to generate electricity and the sharp deterioration of the exchange rate of the local currency against foreign currencies.

Similarly, the meeting examined the performance report of the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Department for the second quarter of this year, 2023, and the most prominent activities that were implemented during this period, as well as its functionally-oriented coordination with the executive bodies in the governorates of the South.

The meeting, too, reviewed the report submitted by the Administrative and Financial Department related to job discipline for the staff of the Secretariat during the month of June, and it was approved after assimilation of the presented remarks.

The meeting shed light on the weekly activity report of departments of the General Secretariat, in addition to reviewing and approving the minutes of the previous meeting.

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