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Supreme Committee for Legal Affairs discusses visions of its general tasks and organizational structure


The Supreme Committee for Legal Affairs of the Southern Transitional Council, on Thursday,  held its third periodic meeting, headed by Dr. Saad Mohammad Saad, head of the committee.

The meeting discussed the proposed directions and visions regarding the general objectives and tasks of the committee’s work and its organizational structure, as the committee approved assigning its chairman to prepare what has been agreed upon and present it in its final form for approval at the next meeting, which will continue to discuss other topics related to the draft regulation.

The meeting touched upon a number of developments and events related to its work, foremost of which is the criminal acts in the city of Crater, which were committed by armed terrorist elements led by the fugitive from justice, the criminal Imam Ahmed Al-Silwi.

The meeting evaluated the performance of the competent bodies in dealing with its results, as it developed a number of proposals to improve performance in this aspect to be submitted to the presidency of the Council for guidance.

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