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Supreme Committee for Legal Affairs reviews situation in the South and legal requirements to deal with it


The Supreme Committee for Legal Affairs of the Southern Transitional Council, on Thursday, held its periodic meeting, headed by Dr. Saad Mohamed Saad, Chairman of the Committee.

In the meeting, the committee reviewed the overall current situation in the South, and the legal requirements necessary to deal with it.

The committee stressed the need for the correct legal regulation of the prices of foodstuffs and oil derivatives in the capital, Aden, to ensure their stability and to control violators of those prices, through holding a meeting of the competent authorities in the southern capital, Aden, represented by the leadership of the local authority, and the Industry and Trade Office, as well as the Public Prosecution and Security, and the branch of oil company, with the aim of setting the prices of foodstuffs and oil derivatives in the capital, Aden, and setting effective and regular control procedures, to follow up the implementation, and to apprehend violators and refer them to the judiciary, and to generalize these procedures to the rest of the governorates of the South in light of the absence of the required role of the ministry concerned with carrying out this task, warning against any unilateral measures, in the absence of monitoring and control means, in which it will only lead to chaos and mood in determining prices.

In the committee’s discussion of a number of organizational issues related to its work, the committee expressed its thanks and appreciation to President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Southern Transitional Council, for his efforts and interest in completing the organizational and administrative arrangements for the work of the committee, the latest of which was his approval of its organizational regulations by Resolution No. 87 of 2021, issued on Wednesday, corresponding to December 22, stressing that this decision will constitute a strong impetus in the effective implementation of the tasks assigned to the committee by the President of the Council, and specified by the provisions of these regulations.

In another context, the committee discussed the escalating popular movement in Hadhramout governorate, stressing in this context that international humanitarian law supports the right of peoples and population groups to use all available means to protect their right to live and get a decent living, and the Hadrami uprising represents one of the forms of exercising this right.

The committee decided to issue a special statement, explaining the legal description of the Hadrami people’s uprising, the legitimacy of its goals, and its means, which are included in accordance with the provisions of international humanitarian law.

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