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Supreme Military Association of Southern Army and Security Forces Initiates Field Visits for Several Units Report

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] According to the plan of Supreme Military Association of Southern Army and Security Forces for field visits of its units and departments to see closely the framework of these units and accommodation of its members, the association, brigadier general Saleh Ali Zunkul, chairman of the association, and his deputies visited brigade 120 air defense on January 7th, 2018. Brigadier Abdullah Saleh Al-Nakheby received the visit in his office and welcomed the visitors. Al-Nakheby indicated that the post of the brigade is in the middle of Adan although it is in an empty desert. He added that all personnel of the brigade consider themselves as southern resistance before being commanders, officers and soldiers. According to Al-Nakheby, number of personnel of this brigade was only 7000 at the end of July 2015 and commandership of the brigade sent other personnel of training in Ras Abbas, Asab and Al-Anad but they were transferred to other brigades so that the brigade becomes an empty land to be shared as booty. Nevertheless, personnel of the brigade defended the brigade’s land and built a soil fence that is not enough for defending it against greedy persons who wanted its land. Concerning deductions, Al-Nakheby indicated that the brigade didn’t deduct any money from the salaries of personnel although there is a bad need for maintenance and the brigade still awaits the general commandership to put and execute a thorough plan for maintenance. But in last February, partial deductions were initiated only on personnel with regular absenteeism and deducted money was used for maintenance. At the end of his speech, brigadier Al-Nakheby invited the visitors to see for themselves who things work in the brigade.
Brigadier general Saleh Ali Zunkul thanked the brigade’s commandership for warm welcome and sincere efforts asserting that this brigade was formerly an air defense station defending Adan against any air raids. But now, the brigade, and the whole southern army is facing a fierce plan for dismantling its forces and dismissing personnel. But the experience of this brigade is an ideal for all other units. Deputy of the military association, brigadier Saleh Al-Kady, talked about being one hand in the face of those who try to divide the southern line.
The observational visit started with restoring electric lines and electric distributors in addition to buying electric cables, wires, fans and light bulbs and paying electricity bills with nearly 3 million Riyal. Maintenance works also extended ceilings of residential buildings, the public kitchen and dining rooms of officers and soldiers. Visitors also saw the fuel station that was sabotaged and department of maintenance and the junk yard that also need restoration.
Commandership of the brigade identified the following issues as major concerns:
• The brigade didn’t receive any ratio of its legal allocations including weapons, vehicles, food, fuel and equipment. For example, the brigade’s commander uses his personal car.
• Demands of the brigade were not considered like other units that got high allocations.
• The brigade includes 12 camps as a defense belt. But the actual situations indicate that only four camps are under control of the brigade while the rest are under control of other groups claiming that they are resistance forces and the brigade demands to restore these camps.
• There is no fence to defend the brigade from any terrorist act
• Although being restored by self-efforts, electricity still requires more attention
• The brigade lacks fresh water and buys drinking water
• Telephone land lines need to be restored
• There is a snake and air tanks inside the technical battalion of missiles and this creates a serious threat to the battalion.
• It is suggested that a special committee of chief of staff’s office and the brigade’s commandership to be formed to sell all abandoned equipment, machinery and junk in auction and to use this money in building the required fence as it is a top priority for the safety of the brigade.
At the end of the visit, both visitors and brigade’s commandership called for the government to fulfill its promises and send all delayed salaries in addition to quickly end the situations for retirees and left-offs.

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