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The Acting President of Transitional Council meets Director of Al-Haswa Electro-thermal Station


Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council, Chairman of the National Assembly, met on Wednesday, with the Director-General of the Al-Haswa Electro-thermal Station in the capital, Aden, Eng. Nofal Ali Nasr Mojamal.

In the meeting, which included Lawyer Niran Sooki, member of the Presidency of the Council, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, the Acting President of the Council got briefed by the Director General of Al-Haswa Station on the development and improvement works during the past half-year, and the equipment and preparations to raise the generating capacity of electricity during the coming summer.

The meeting discussed projects and equipment within the framework of the upcoming action plan, under the supervision of the Southern Transitional Council, to improve and develop the local electricity networks and the infrastructure of the Al-Haswa plant, and other power stations, through a long-term strategic plan, and an immediate plan for Al-Haswa plant.

In the meeting, Major General Bin Brik stressed the need to stand in front of the current obstacles to the progress of work to develop and improve Al-Haswa station, and to put in place mechanisms to address them, praising the improvement and development work that the station witnessed recently.

Major General Bin Brik stressed the need to pay attention to the central stations, which should be at the forefront of the upcoming trend, which would contribute to alleviating the suffering of citizens and improving the electric current service for them, urging the need to preserve these stations, benefit from them, and expand their production capacity.

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