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The alliance of tribes of Shabwa issues a statement calling for unification of Shabwanis

Sheikh Faris bin Nasser Al-Khabili, head of the Alliance of Shabwa Sons and Tribes, issued a statement in which he called on all the sons of Shabwa to gather and unified their ranks, unite efforts and work alongside the leadership of the local authority in the governorate, stressing standing by everything that would achieve the legitimate aspirations and public interest of the people of Shabwa.
The statement came as follows:
We call on all the people of Shabwa governorate to join hands, cohesion, and stand together to defend all their rights due from the higher authorities.
In the leadership of the alliance, we welcome all the people of Shabwa with their various orientations and political affiliations, far from racism and partisan and regional extremism, and we send to you a sincere and fraternal call from the heart to the heart to keep everyone away from partisan, regional and tribal fanaticism and to make Shabwa above all and make the interest of Shabwa and its people above all considerations and to make Shabwa first and foremost.
Once again, we renew our affirmation and our complete and absolute support for the leadership of the local authority in the governorate, and that we work together alongside them, and we will be an auxiliary factor for the local authority to work to defend the rights of the people of Shabwa governorate in various political, economic, service and military aspects.
We stress that we will work to extract our usurped rights with our solidarity and unity away from partisan extremism, and we will work in the leadership of the alliance to work with the sheikhs, dignitaries, clerics and science to start the most important solutions to the problems of tribal feuds, because of which our best men, youth and children were killed because of the scourge of revenge and prevented our youth and sons from continuing university education, and Allah willing, we will work together with the honorable sons of Shabwa governorate at the ease of the people of the governorate, and we will be at Everyone thinks of our solidarity, cohesion, and unification of the Shabwani ranks.
We also affirm our absolute support for President Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council, Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, and our absolute support for him and what he is doing to defend the land and honor, in addition to his sincere efforts through which he seeks to unite ranks and achieve the hopes and aspirations of the people.
We also affirm our stand with all efforts aimed at renouncing differences, achieving security, stability and uniting ranks in Shabwa Governorate, as we salute the role played by the Southern Transitional Council in this context, and we also commend the efforts made by the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which aims to achieve development, progress, prosperity and stability in the governorate.

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