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The Arab Ally Closes All Yemeni Air, Sea and Road Borders

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Al-Riyad[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] General commandership of the Arab Ally of Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen issued the following annex statement about ballistic missiles launched by Al-Houthi militias, related to Iranian regimen, from in Yemeni soil targeting Saudi Arabia:
A Statement from The Arab Ally Joint Commandership
In completion of what was declared earlier about ballistic missiles launched by Al-Houthi militias, related to the Iranian regimen, from Yemeni soil targeting Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as seen in targeting Al-Riyad by a ballistic missile exceeding (900) km in range, on Saturday November 4th 2017 – SAFAR 15th 1439 H. and according to examination of the wreckages of missiles launched previously in July 22nd 2017 – SHAWAL 28th 1348 H. by technical military squads, it was confirmed that the missiles were made in Iran and smuggled to Al-Houthi militias in Yemen with the intent of launching military aggression on the Saudi soil, people and vital interests.
General commandership of the Arab Ally considers Iranian acts of providing Al-Houthi militias with missile capabilities as a clear violation of the UN Security Council decrees concerning refrain from providing militias with military capabilities, including decree no. 2216. This Iranian involvement is a clear aggression on neghbouring countries and violation of international peace and security with direct orders to Al-Houthi militias related to the Iranian regimen to launch such attacks. Therefore, General Commandership of the Arab Ally considers this as a clear and direct military aggression from the Iranian regimen that could be considered to an act of war against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia asserts its legitimate right of self-defense according to article (51) of the UN Convention and keeps its right to respond to Iran in the right time and way according to the international law based on self-defense against any aggression on its soil, people and interests.
To fill the gaps in current search work that led to smuggling military and missile capabilities to Al-Houthi militias related to Iran and the consequences of such actions represented in horrific violations of the human international law and continued aggression on Saudi Arabia, the Yemeni people and neighboring countries, general commandership of the Arab Ally decided to temporarily close all air, sea and road borders of Yemen with special consideration to facilitating the work of human aids and support teams according to updated measures of the commandership.
General commandership of the Arab Ally calls for all concerned bodies to initiate the search and borders entry and exit decisions to be issued by the general commandership later and all legal actions will be taken against those who don’t commit or violate such decisions. In addition, the general commandership urges all Yemeni citizens and human aid and support teams to stay away from combat or military actions territories in addition to places used by Al-Houthi militias related to Iran to smuggle weapons or launch aggressive military actions against Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the general commandership urges all diplomatic delegations to stay away of territories that are not under direct control of the legitimacy government.
General commandership of Arab Ally calls for the international society, UN Security council and its penalties committee concerned with applying decree no. 2216 to take all legal measures to penalize Iran on violating UN Security Council decrees including decree no. 2213 and principles of international law that criminalize the aggression on another country’s soil. This is because of Iran’s direct involvement in illegal arming of Al-Houthi militias and smuggling activities in addition to jeopardizing international peace and security and launching aggressive acts against Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries as this is a clear violation of international decrees aiming to end the coup and restoring legitimacy in Yemen

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