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The Executive Body of STC in Hadhramaut condemns the government’s silence regarding deterioration of living conditions

The Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Hadhramaut Governorate met on Wednesday, in the presence of the heads of local leadership of STC in the coastal districts, in preparation for the mass solidarity rally with the elite forces.

The meeting, chaired by Saeed Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, focused on the efforts of local leaders in preparing for the million-man solidarity rally with the Hadrami Elite Forces, scheduled to be implemented in Mukalla next Saturday, February 3.

The heads of the local leadership of the STC in Hadhramaut coastal districts provided a sufficient number of buses to transport the crowds, stressing the readiness of the citizens to participate in the million-man celebration, as a victory for their elite forces and to strengthen the position of their leadership.

They condemned the government’s shameful silence and indifference to the deteriorating living conditions, demanding that the demand for the overthrow of the government be added, along with solidarity with the elite, during the millionaires’ events.

They agreed to prepare well for the popular mass rally, and to inform the masses of the situation and the seriousness of the conspiracies being hatched against their elite forces, stressing its success as a deterrent message to anyone who thinks about abusing the elite and its powers.

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