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The first National Coffee Exhibition is launched in Aden the capital

The activities of the first National Coffee Exhibition in Aden were launched, on Saturday, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, which will continue from the 27th to the 29th of January 2024, with diamond sponsorship from the Agricultural Credit and Cooperation Bank “CAC Bank” and the participation of more than forty companies, merchants and many others of Coffee farmers and those interested in growing and exporting coffee.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, Major General Salem Al-Socotri, who stressed during the opening ceremony the importance of the exhibition and the goals it seeks to achieve in directing all efforts towards interest in coffee cultivation, as it is an economic crop that expresses the popular and cultural heritage of Yemen, and as it is an important cash crop exported to Yemen to all over the world.

The Minister Al-Socotri said that due to the obstacles facing coffee planting, which led to a decline in its growing due to the crises that the country is going through and affected its production and planting, the Ministry directed all its efforts to direct the support of all institutions and organizations to support the planting of the coffee tree because of its cultural and popular heritage and economic importance.

The Minister also announced the establishment of the National Coffee Center, which only has the final touches remaining, and which will have an effective contribution to supporting the coffee crop.

In turn, Mr. Hashid Al-Hamdani, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Cooperative Agricultural Credit Bank (CAC Bank), confirmed that the bank’s support and urgent sponsorship of the exhibition comes as a continuation of its continuous journey in supporting agricultural and fisheries projects, restoring its well-known pioneering role in this sector, and reviving its national efforts and various contributions to Promoting national development.

The exhibition organizing committee confirmed that the exhibition is a cultural awareness festival that develops national identity, enhances the coffee culture in society, and develops its industry at the local and global levels. It also encourages the creation of interaction between farmers and attendees to introduce coffee tree planting and methods of preparation.

The speakers at the exhibition were unanimous in their importance in introducing the importance of local coffee in the national economy and introducing its excellent quality, highlighting the coffee culture in social life and its cultural heritage, promoting the economic advantages of coffee, spreading its culture in the local community and the target countries, and encouraging farmers to be interested in developing coffee production, and attracting the attention of regional and international organizations to help enhance cooperation and exchange between concerned parties, which contributes to raising the value of the coffee sector and its development sustainability.

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