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The General Secretariat of the Southern Transitional Council honors journalist Jazoulette

The General Secretariat of the Southern Transitional Council, on Thursday, awarded the Moroccan journalist, Dr. Tawfiq Jazoulette, a memorial shield to honor him, in gratitude for what he did to promote in media the cause of the people of the South.

Fadl Al-Gaadi, member of the Presidency of the Transitional Council, the Secretary-General, during the honoring of Jazoulette, expressed his appreciation for the great role of the Moroccan journalist in covering the war of occupation against the South in the summer of 1994.

Al-Gaadi said that Jazoulette worked professionally to document all the crimes and violations against the people of the South during that war, presenting a memorial shield in appreciation of his continued efforts and perseverance in defending the cause of the people of the South and introducing it to regional and international public opinion.

In turn, Jazoulette expressed his gratitude for the honor, adding that the current stage requires the combined efforts of everyone, stressing that he has collected observations about the southern governorates since his arrival.

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