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The Governor of Aden the capital calls on UNHCR to adopt sustainable projects

Ahmed Lamlas, Governor of the capital, Aden, discussed with Marine Kaydom Chai, representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and his deputy, Yasser Waris, in a meeting on Thursday, the activation of sustainable interventions and work on the water and sanitation project.

Lamlas called for the Commission to adopt sustainable projects and rehabilitate infrastructure, expressing the local authority’s keenness to provide the necessary facilities to organizations working in Aden, and to achieve the maximum benefit for the local community.

The two sides discussed the problems of illegal immigration from the Horn of Africa, the influx of displaced people into Aden, and the local authority’s vision for resolving them, after they were presented at the International Refugee Conference in Geneva last December.

Marin reviewed the efforts to complete the sanitation project extending from KhorMaksar to DarSaad, and the Commission’s interventions, such as family housing, and the Technical Institute in Dar Saad, which provides educational services for eight specializations.

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