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The Governor of Aden the capital stresses speedy response to problems of illegal immigration and displacement

The Minister of State and Governor of the capital, Aden, Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, stressed the necessity of activating the National Committee for Refugee Affairs and quickly addressing the problems of illegal immigration and displacement.
Lamlas indicated during his meeting on Thursday, with the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Yemen, Ms. Maya Amora, and her accompanying delegation, that the local authority is looking forward to seeing urgent practical steps on the ground to address the problems of illegal immigration and displacement, which constitute a great burden on the city.

Lamlas listened from Ms. Amora to an explanation of the efforts made by the High Commission, and the work and projects included in its program in the capital, Aden, stressing the Commission’s continuity in working and coordinating with the local authority to ensure the achievement of tangible results on the ground during the future phase.

The meeting discussed mechanisms for supporting the infrastructure of sewage lines in the capital, Aden, encouraging the voluntary return of illegal immigrants from the Horn of Africa, and displaced persons whose governorates and regions have become safe, and possible ways to stop the continuous flow of both immigrants and displaced people towards the capital, Aden.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Ms. Amora expressed her thanks to the Governor of the capital, Aden, for providing the opportunity to hold this meeting, stressing that this reflects the keenness and interest of the local authority for coordination and cooperation, to organize work and address various issues related to migration, asylum, and displacement.

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