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The Governor of the capital, Aden, discusses future projects of the Kuwaiti Peace Society

Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, Governor of the capital, Aden, on Tuesday, welcomed the team of the Kuwaiti Al-Salam Society for Humanitarian and Charitable Works, headed by Dr. Nabil Al-Aoun.

Lamlas and Dr. Al-Aoun discussed the level of completion of work in Al-Salam Residential Rehabilitation and Educational City for widows and orphans, in the city of Al-Buraiqa, which was established with donations from the people of Kuwait and the Gulf.

The meeting touched on a number of future projects to be implemented by the association in Aden, praising Kuwaiti support for our country in general, and the capital, Aden in particular, most notably the residential city, in addition to projects for water, health, and education.

The visiting delegation appreciated the keenness of the leadership of the local authority in the capital, Aden, to provide facilities for the completion of the Al Salam Residential City, noting Kuwait’s keenness to provide support to deserving groups, in accordance with the priorities of the local community.

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