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The Governor of the capital, Aden, inspects work progress of the Standards and Metrology Authority

The Governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, on Sunday, paid an inspection visit to the General Authority for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control in the Aden, to check on the progress of work at the authority.

During his visit to the Authority’s headquarters, where he was received by the Director General of the Authority, Hadeed Al-Mass, Lamlas called for revitalizing the role of the Standards Authority to meet the requirements and needs, and to provide the necessary laboratory devices, equipment, and machinery for examination work.

Lamlas discussed mechanisms for urgent response to the basic needs of society, considering that the Authority is the trustworthy guardian of society, which requires its readiness to perform its duty.

Governor Lamlas toured a number of the Authority’s offices and departments, warehouses, laboratories, and examination equipment, and heard from their officials about the nature of the tasks of their departments and the necessary needs to develop the work and raise the level of the Authority’s work.

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