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The Hadrami uprising reinforces its popular points and condemns Brotherhood’s provocations

The leadership of the Second Hadrami Uprising, on Monday, met in Al-Rudoud area under the leadership of Sheikh Hassan bin Saeed Al-Jabri, with the wide participation of sheikhs, dignitaries, social figures and notables.

The meeting discussed the repercussions of the general deterioration of services in various fields in the governorate and the manipulation of its resources, and the attempt to sow discord among the people of the governorate to pass corruption, and the provocations of the Brotherhood’s first military region against the Hadrami Uprising.

The meeting decided to strengthen the popular points of the Hadrami Uprising in the Al-Rudoud and Raseb regions, and condemned the military move of the Brotherhood militia and the cordoning off of the forces of the First Military Region of the entrances and exits of Wadi Hadramout, coinciding with the call to the popular crowd in Al-Rudoud.

The meeting praised the positive and heroic role of the Hadrami Elite Forces as a safety valve and Hadramout’s shield, and for not being drawn into the strife fueled by the local authority in the governorate.

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