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The main man of trade in the capital, Aden, reveals facts for the first time

An expanded meeting was held in the capital, Aden, called for by Aden Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Tuesday, in the presence of representatives of the chambers of commerce in the liberated areas, the Businessmen Club and Businesswomen’s Club, the Association of Banks, and the Money Exchangers Association.
The meeting prevailed in transparency, and more than that, the transparency speech of Mr. Abu Bakr Baobaid, head of the chamber of commerce and industry in Aden the capital, vice president of the union of chambers of commerce, and the one who is considered the main man at the head of trade and industry privet sector in Aden the capital, especially when he talked about investment and Yemeni investors, and the region’s view of them compared to what is happening inside Yemen.

In the meeting, Mr. Abu Bakr Baobaid said:
“At the Omani-Yemeni investment conference in the Sultanate, there were investors, and Sultan Haitham said to them, ‘The investment law is for the people in general, and there is a law for the Yemenis with special exception; Why? Because he knows that we have potential and he knows that we are merchants who follow custom and law, and he knows that with this investment his country will get benefit from and enter into proper investment.’”

Baobaid continued: “Two years ago, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued 1,600 investment project licenses, 950 projects for Yemenis, meaning two-thirds of the total projects.”

Baobaid pointed out: “The whole world is open to investment and freedom of investment. Now there are somethings important about investment service which are What is offered to the investment and the investor, and the amount of time to serve the investor, and the terms and types of services provided ?”

To achieve all of these, Abu Bakr Baobaid said, “We want justice to be prevailed in fees for all outlets, so correct competition appeared and encouraged. We want to stop foreign currency to a certain extent, at least six months or a year, and the merchant begins to calculate his account in selling during the suspension period.”

The merchants were quoted as saying, “They told me that the year 2023 is the worst year because of the losses that they bear for the sake of the nation. What kind of nation is this that is losing us, and what kind of country is this whose citizens are unable to buy what would satisfy their needs? Is this the nation that we are seeking?”

The homeland that we desire preserves the dignity of all people and all people benefit from it.”

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