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The political body of STC holds extraordinary meeting and praises national position of the people of Hadhramaut

The political auxiliary body of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held an extraordinary meeting, on Sunday, in the capital, Aden, headed by Dr. Khaled Bamdhaf, Vice President of the body.

In its meeting, the political body discussed the most prominent developments of the internal and external political situation, specifically the developments taking place in Hadhramaut Governorate, praising the patriotic position of the people of Hadhramaut, and their real contribution to the success of the mass event entitled “The Elite for All Hadhramaut”.

The meeting appreciated the great successes achieved by the Hadhrami Elite Forces in establishing stability and maintaining security, as well as their unique model in the cities of the Hadhramaut coast, since their liberation from elements of the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization.

The meeting discussed the comments presented on the integrative plan of the Political Body for the year 2024, with the aim of developing the formulation of the plan to submit it to the designated committee, reviewing the latest topics on its agenda.

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