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The Presidential Committee praises wisdom and ability of Governor of Shabwa to normalize military and security situation in the governorate

Shabwa Governor Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki received, on Thursday in Ataq, the Military and Security Committee; Headed by the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Mohsen Mohammed Al-Daari, and the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, in addition to a number of commanders and officers from members of the committee.
Governor Awad bin Al-Wazir welcomed the visit of the Ministers of Defense and Interior and members of the Military and Security Committee to Shabwa Governorate to get acquainted about the facts of the recent events in Ataq, in addition to discussing a number of important files at various levels to enhance the security and stability of the governorate.
The Presidential Committee praised the wisdom, skill and ability of the governor of Shabwa governorate to normalize the military and security conditions, and to end armed manifestations, return to normal life in the city, and carry out the work of state offices, institutions, bodies and interests in Shabwa governorate.
The “Presidential Committee” also expressed its appreciation for the decision of Governor Bin Al-Wazir to announce a general amnesty for the participants in the events in the governorate, saying that it is “a great step towards unity, overcoming differences, and maintaining the security and stability of the governorate, in a way that enhances the movement of construction and the desired development.” The Presidential Committee also expressed its deep regret over the intransigence of some leaders and their refusal to accept job rotation.
The “Chairman of the Security Committee, Governor of Shabwa Governorate, Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki” previewed the efforts he made and the security measures he took in order to overcome sedition and everyone’s compliance with the law and order and the hierarchy of state institutions, that were met with rejection, military mobilization and foreign interventions of a political and partisan nature.
The Governor of Shabwa said that “The responsibility was imposed on us to do the duty to preserve the security and stability of the governorate, and the tranquility of its people, by dealing with the leaders of the coup and rebellious security and military units, which had a negative impact in detonating the security conditions and community tranquility in Shabwa governorate.”
The Governor bin Al-Wazir added, “We were keen to eliminate this rebellion in order to avoid the human and material losses that the governorate was subjected to following the recent events in Shabwa. There is enmity between us from any other party, and we do not want to exclude any party over the other, because Shabwa is above all, and is greater than the parties and greater than the chairs of power.”

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