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The Prime Minister is surprised by absence of the leadership of the Tax Authority in Aden the capital

Prime Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak, during his visit to the Tax Authority in the capital, Aden, on Sunday, ordered the referral of leaders in the authority for investigation due to absenteeism from their work and failure to complete their duties.

Bin Mubarak visited the Tax Authority and inspected its divisions, departments and work units, considering that “the weak functional discipline that he witnessed and the absence of most of the authority’s leaders is a negative indicator that requires accountability and accountability.”

He said that negligence and negligence are unacceptable in any ministry or government institution, and everyone will be held accountable at the level of employees or leaders without exception, adding that the existence of plans on paper that are not reflected in reality cannot be accepted.

The Prime Minister pointed out that “public opinion and citizens are monitoring the performance of the government and its institutions and any failure to carry out its duties,” adding that “imbalances will be dealt with firmly and without complacency.”

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