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The Security Committee in Socotra warns the outlaws

The Security Committee in the Archipelago Governorate, on Wednesday, issued an important statement regarding the events that took place in Socotra in terms of provoking strife and creating a state of chaos.

The security committee decided to prevent any gathering or demonstrations in Socotra archipelago, stressing that it would take deterrent measures for those who begged to drag Socotra into chaos and return it to zero.

In its statement, the committee called on sheikhs and heads of centers and housing units to strengthen coordination with the security services in a way that serves the interest of the governorate and cuts off the way for those who lurk in the island and tamper with its security and stability.

The statement stressed that freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed in accordance with law and order, and in direct coordination with the local authority and security services, to be determined in advance frameworks in order to avoid chaos, looting of public and private funds, storming government facilities and spreading terror among citizens.

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