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The security committee in the capital, Aden, discusses the work progress of security in the city

The security committee in the capital, Aden, on Wednesday, held a meeting chaired by Mr. Ahmed Lamlas, the Minister of State, Governor of the capital, Aden, and Chairman of the Committee.

The meeting discussed the security plan for the year 2024, and the procedures that must be followed to facilitate government transactions in security facilities, in addition to reviewing the results of the security plan for last year 2023, the progress of security work at the beginning of this year, and the shortcomings.
The meeting also touched on the necessary guidelines for developing security performance, most notably the application of the principle of reward and punishment for violations and transgressions, and ways to unify security efforts to stabilize the capital, Aden.

In the meeting, Lamlas directed to raise the level of coordination between various government agencies and facilities, in addition to the courts and prosecution offices, and to commit to implementing the security plan for the current year.

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