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The southern armed forces mourn martyrdom of Al-Sayed and liberate a UN official who was kidnapped by Al-Qaeda

The Southern Armed Forces mourned the martyrdom of the heroic commander Abdul Latif Al-Sayed and a number of his companions in Abyan governorate, in a mine explosion in Mudiya district, planted by terrorist elements.

The Southern Forces affirmed the continuation of Operation Arrows of Honor, to hunt down and pursue the terrorist al-Qaeda organization, and its success, through the security belt forces, in clearing Wadi Refaf and Wadi Jenin from terrorist outposts.

It explained that the commander, Abdul Latif Al-Sayed, won the honor of martyrdom, during the command of the fateful battle in the theater of Arrows of East operations, noting that the blood of the martyr crosses the decisive path against terrorism.

The Southern Forces announced the liberation of the official of the safety and security department at the United Nations office, who was kidnapped by the elements of the terrorist Brotherhood organization.

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