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The southern community celebrates 56th anniversary of independence in Utrecht of Netherlands

The Dutch city of Utrecht, on Sunday, witnessed a joyful celebration on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of Independence Day, organized by members of the southern community.

In the celebration, Dr. Aidaroos Al-Naqeeb, and Brigadier General, Thabet Hussein Saleh, delivered speeches in which they previewed the profound implications of the southern national occasion, in addition to the successes of the southern state.

They greeted the masses of the people of the South at home and abroad and the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, and called for national unity, expanding participation in the decision, and bearing the burdens of national responsibility in this complex stage in which our people are waging a war to defend the South.

The ceremony witnessed artistic activities, performance of a number of southern songs, and folk dances that express the heritage and culture of the people of the South.

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