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The Southern Dialogue Team visits headquarters of Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference

The Southern National Dialogue Team of the Southern Transitional Council, on Tuesday, headed by Dr. Abdul Salam Massad, visited the headquarters of the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, in the city of Mukalla, to advance the south-south dialogue.

During the visit, the National Dialogue Team held meeting with participation of members of the Presidency of the Supreme Authority of Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hamid, Dr. Abdulaziz Saeed Al-Saeed, Ali Al-Abd Al-Hamoumi, member of the media department, Mohammed Salah Haqas, and from the Southern Dialogue Team, Abdulkarim Ahmed Saeed, Ali bin Shanzour, Mona Haitham, and Salem Al-Dayani.

Al-Hamid expressed the openness of the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference to dialogue with all components, stressing the importance of coordination and coexistence with everyone.

For its part, the Southern National Dialogue Team affirmed its keenness to work with the national forces, led by the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, as it is the largest political lever in Hadhramaut.

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